Structured sales negotiations

Best Possible Preparations – Best Possible Results

Bernhard Hantmann legt den Fokus auf gute Verhandlungsvorbereitung, inklusive Wettbewerbs- und Eigenstärkenanalyse, Aufbau von Verhandlungsoptionen sowie vorbereitete SLA’s (Service Level AgreementThis is eminent for a company’s success. Day to day Experience shows that contractual results can be even further improved. We consult companies how to achieve better results with proven, structural sales tools. In particular, we are helping to be well prepared for negotiations, from understanding competitors and the own company strengths to the development of negotiating strategies. Service level agreements (SLAs) have to be defined to the scope of services.

We want to emphasize that each sales process on one hand entails negotiations of facts and arguments but on the other hand the relationship level between the negotiating parties is equally important for a successful outcome.

We want to touch upon the strength of positive psychological aspects during sales negotiations and consulting our clients on the importance of business relations and how these can be improved. In the long run, business relations are more resilient, if both, a material and an emotional contentment is achieved between customer and supplier.

This is also reflected in the services that Hantmann Consulting offers to our customers in this field.