Strategic selling

Strategic Selling  guided by IBP (Integrated Business Plan)

Bernhard Hantmann unterstützt mit Erfahrungen im Vertrieb in der Getränke- und Verpackungsbranche die Einführung und Optimierung von IBP, Integrated Business Planning und deren Vertriebsaspekte.IBP is helping companies with their mid- and long term planning. Given our experience in sales, specifically in the beverage industry we are supporting the implementation and optimization of IBP, by analyzing it’s necessity especially for Sales aspects, in order to make resource planning for Fulltime Employees (FTE), investments and more Cashflow reliable, future oriented and at optimal levels.

IBP requires the Sales Organization to follow a specific sales strategy. We are assisting with developing this strategy aligning with company’s vision, targets, market position and market environment. This applies to the customer and market segmentation, product categorization, revenue- and profit optimization, utilization and risk evaluation.

Hantmann Consulting will support these processes from a sales perspective with our know-how and experience.