Structure, Management and Culture

Setting up Sales Organizational, Managing Cultural Differences, Customer Loyalty, Achieving high Profits.

Crucial for managing sales organizations successfully and positively is the right set up of the organization with clear roles and responsibilities. Based on our experience we are giving support of setting up such an organization, in order to enable a transparent, structured and optimized communication while focusing on finding synergies, motivating people, reducing costs, maximizing profit, creating team work and transparency.

Schwerpunkt auf  Motivation, Synergienutzung, Kostenminimierung und Profitsteigerung, sowie Team Working und Transparenz.Together with our clients we will look into the regional and cultural differences of customers and employees while considering specific circumstances in their respective set up and business environment.
Our goal is to create a competitive edge  by structuring a modern, tailor made sales organization fitting to your overall business and cultural needs.

We will give support in defining clear roles and responsibilities for the various departments:  Sales, Customer Services, Quality Management, Marketing and other service functions, therefore creating a clear, transparent and powerful organization.

Together with we will analyze the strategic focus of the sales team according to the concepts of “Perma Positive Leadership” enabling Sales to further development as well as positive attitudes internally and externally. Therefore, triggering the full potential of their motivation, strengthening the team spirit and most importantly to secure a permanent and long lasting customer loyalty and retention.

Our goal is to improve profitability long term through a fully motivated Sales force, to strengthen competitiveness and to grow and sustain customer loyalty.