Positive Leadership is measurable!

We are certified PERMA-Lead®-Positive-Leadership-Consultants and offer an individual Positive-Leadership-Coaching based on evidence-based tools:

Individual PERMA-Lead®-Positive-Leadership-Profiler/PERMA-Lead Potential Analysis

Hantmann Consulting möchte Mitarbeitende und Führungskräfte bei diesen Veränderungen begleiten und stärken, Resilienz zu entwickeln, eine neue Kultur der Zusammenarbeit zu entwickeln
  • Online testing (15 min)
  • Describes the Positive Leadership behaviour:
    • Does the leader foster positive working atmosphere?
    • Does the leader support use of individual strengths?
    • Does the leader assist the employees to flourish and thrive?
  • Shows in which areas the leader already tapped full potential and which still have potential for development.
  • Evaluation Coaching by a certified coach:
  • Results of the analysis and practical measures (optional: executive coaching consultancy)

Individual PERMA-Lead®-Positive-Leadership-360°-Feedback

  • Managers self-assessment compared to 3 external assessments (employee, supervisor, colleagues of equal rank)
  • Evaluation Coaching by a certified coach
  • Optional: Additional questions relevant to leadership, management, career
  • Further questions (e.g. with regard to corporate mission statements, internal leadership values, competence contents from further training programs)

PERMA-Lead Positive Leadership company analysis

  • Based on several PERMA-Lead  profiler or 360° feedbacks in an organization
  • Reveals
    • a company’s management culture
    • existing strengths
    • largest potential fields of development
    • areas of greatest similarities/differences between self-assessment and external perception
  • Allows tailor-made training measures and strategic management development

Please contact us for an individual consulting.
We are certified PERMA-Lead®-Positive-Leadership-Consultants

Positive Leadership stärkt nachweislich Mitarbeitende, Führungskräfte, Teams und Unternehmen