Positive Leadership – strong teams, top results

Sustainable success by positive leadership

Relevant management research results show: employees are more successful when their strengths and talents are promoted.

Positive Leadership has been proven to strengthens employees, leaders, teams and corporations:
Positive Leadership is evidence-based and proofs its suitability for daily use in a large number of companies.
Study results show a significant reciprocal a relationship between positive leadership and sick leave as well as burnout-risks (M. Ebner, Positive Leadership, 2019).
With positive leadership, employees have an increased frustration tolerance, experience less stress on long working days, are less suspicious, can relax better, have more fun at work, show higher resilience, perform better.
When a positive leader acknowledges, uses and strengthens the talents of the employees, the leader will also benefit from this: higher resilience, more creativity in developing solutions and having more creative responses to challenges.

A positive leader
  • enables talent development
  • helps employees feel comfortable, satisfied, and enjoying work (P-Lead)
  • gives employees tasks that correspond to their individual strengths and helps to develop them (E-Lead)
  • encourages every employee to experience themselves as a high valuable team member, ensures that everybody in the team support each other and treats every team member with respect
  • conveys meaning in work
  • makes accomplishment visible, gives positive feedback