Positive Leadership in your company:

Would you like to use these positive effects for your corporation? We create individual concepts with and for your company in order to optimize your organization and increase value.

Hantmann Consulting verspricht Nachhaltigen Erfolg durch positive Führung, Starke Teams, Top Leistungen
  • Positive-Leadership-Trainings
    Interactive training for leaders
  • PERMA-Training „Self-Coaching“
    For employees: acknowledge your individual talents and strengths (incl. online testing), personal self-awareness and building mental habits for wellbeing and sustaining high performance
  • Positive-Leadership-Coaching for leaders:
    Develop your individual positive-leadership-style to strengthen yourself, your employees and teams – the foundation of sustainable success
  • Team-Workshops
  • Positive-Leadership-presentations and keynote speeches

We offer all of our trainings in coachings online and/or in-person.