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Dialog of Facts and Trends in the European Beverage Packaging Industry

Bernhard Hantmann beim Analysieren von Fakten und Trends in der europäschischen Getränkeverpackungsindustrie im Segment GetränkedoseWe will give support in analyzing and interpreting the vast variety of statistics related to market developments considering different aspects such as packaging types, materials, categories, distribution channels and regions. Therefore, enabling clients to draw relevant strategic conclusions for their own business. This triggers opportunities to take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the European market, it’s historical market development considering consumer behavior, country specific circumstances as well as ecological special factors related to fees and taxes, deposit systems and recycling quotes . All this leading to optimal business decisions.

Currently, the European Beverage Market is exposed to continuous changes, further accelerated by the ongoing Covid crises. Consequently, we can already see a noticeable change in the consumer behavior all over Europe. Additional modifications can be expected in most European countries due to future environmental mandates,  which in turn will lead to further changes in the packaging mix of material as well as  the one way and returnable beverage packaging sectors. Within this context the retailers play an important and influencing role.

Hantmann Consulting will support you identifying the relevant facts and helping you to make the right decisions leading to a successful outcome.