Bettina Hantmann-Willmes - International offers

Key Focus

Positive Leadership:

Helping organizations and their employees
  • Realize their highest potential
  • Achieve extraordinary positive performance
  • Attain positive deviance
  • Reach a virtuous state

A positive leader
  • seeks to enable employees to recognize, develop and contribute their individual potential and strengths at their workspace.
  • provides the fertile ground allowing this potential to unfold

In an increasingly unpredictable world with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) each employee’s specific potential are needed to achieve rapid adjustments and high performance.

We offer

Positive Leadership Trainings
For anyone who wants to create and maintain engaged and committed employees and teams
PERMA-Trainings „Self-Coaching“
For anyone who wants to thrive and unlock their own potential (incl. online-strengths-testing)
For anyone who wants to recognize and develop their individual potential and strengths.
Team Workshops
Positive-Leadership-Key-Notes and Presentations

Diploma of Business and Administration

  • 20 years  Experience in Coaching, Training, Consulting
  • Multi-annual Leadership and Management Experience
  • University Teaching Position
  • Systemic organisational development and change agent
  • Mediation in corporations and organisations

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